About us

DaveySpa Commenced operations in 1992, formerly known as SPAQUIP with the production of valves, blowers and pumps, in close association with AMPAC Systems, which produced spa pool and spa bath control systems. Both companies marketed their products throughout Australasia and have subsequently expanded into a number of northern hemisphere countries.

In 1996 AMPAC was purchased by DaveySpa which refocused its objectives to specialise in the hot water side of the pool and spa industry i.e. spa pumps, blowers, control systems, filters, jets and accessories.

In February 1997 AMPAC was incorporated into the DaveySpa premises in Albany. A complete reassessment and redesign of all spa equipment was started. All Spa-Quips’ electronic products then being designed and built to international electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility standards. In 1999 the first of the new range was launched under the 'Spa Power’ tm brand.

In May 2004 DaveySPa was bought by Davey Pumps Ltd, an Australian company and member of the GUD group. GUD also owns icon brands Sunbeam Products Limited, Lock Focus and Ryco and Oates Clean.

DaveySpa has developed its products to meet the stringent quality standards (TUV) to meet the compliance requirements for Europe and subsequently Asean and American markets. TUV was granted in January 2005, after factory inspections and product testing, with the initial approval by TUV of the ‘Magnum’ pump range. DaveySpa continues to extend the necessary compliance requirements for International standards working closely with relevant local and international certification bodies.

DaveySpa is a significant employer in electronic assembly in Auckland, service centres in Sydney, Auckland and Melbourne and pump assembly in Melbourne.

DaveySpa is a world class competitor in the market of electronic spa pool and spa bath products. This is reflected in its branding through 'Spa-Quip' tm and ‘Spa-Power’ tm brands. A comprehensive Research and Development program continues to maintain DaveySPa
at the forefront of technology for the industry and Spa-Quip prides itself on continuous supply and exceptional back up service.